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The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) administers DOE-wide health, safety, security and environmental policy, programs and guidance, and related federal requirements that support DOE’s mission accomplishment in a safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner. Guidance documents are developed to support effective implementation of directives and standards and provide technical positions on Departmental worker safety and health directives and standards.

This site provides a centralized topical resource for enforceable DOE and federal health, safety and security requirements and related guidance documents to support implementation.


The Department complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and establishes its own environmental requirements to ensure workers, the public, and the environment is protected from hazards associated with all Department operations. EHSS provides assistance to the field to implement these policies, works in resolving environmental protection issues, and provides feedback to enhance environmental performance throughout the Department.

Worker Health and Safety

Worker health and safety policy, program tools and assistance resources available for current and former DOE Federal, contractor, and subcontractor workers who work at Department of Energy facilities.

Nuclear Safety

Nuclear safety requirements and expectations are established to ensure protection of workers and the public from the hazards associated with nuclear operations with all Department operations.  Assistance is provided to field elements in implementation of policy and resolving nuclear safety, facility safety, and quality assurance (QA) issues.

Facility Safety

DOE facility and programmatic safety requirements and expectations are established for safety basis and facility design, fire protection, criticality safety, natural phenomena hazards (NPH) mitigation, and System Engineer Program to ensure the protection of workers and the public from the hazards associated with nuclear operations.


Policies, procedures and guidance are established for DOE-wide security to include program management and support, physical security, protective forces, information protection, personnel security, nuclear materials control and accountability, with all subordinate security topics.


DOE develops and interprets Government-wide and Department-wide policies, procedures and guidance ensure the accurate identification of information and documents that must be classified or controlled under statute or Executive order to protect the National Security, and controlled unclassified information (Official Use Only) to protect commercial and private interests and to provide for the effective operation of the Government.


The Department synthesizes operational information to support continuous environment, health, safety and security improvements. DOE’s corporate safety reporting and analysis programs and activities are established to manage a number of viable safety indicators applicable to most DOE contractor operations that provide Departmental leadership, line management, and stakeholders with timely information to gauge the success of Departmental safety program implementation. DOE operational and occurrence data are collected through various reporting mechanisms and provided through internet-based tools, one of which is databases.


In addition to databases, another internet-based tool implemented by DOE to capture operational and occurrence data is the use of dashboards. AU provides several dashboards including, Public Final Occurrence Reports; Computerized Accident Incident Reporting System (CAIRS) – Injury and Illness; and the Pilot Project: Nuclear Safety Information.

DOE Technical Standards Program

NOTICE: The Technical Standards Program website and associated document collection has been moved to Doxcelerate. This site provides a central location for both DOE Directives and DOE Technical Standards information.

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