(Direct Report to the Deputy Director for Security)


The Office of Security maintains and promotes the Department of Energy’s corporate security strategies for the preservation of National Security and protection of critical assets entrusted to the Department.  The Office of Security executes this mission through the development and promulgation of safeguards and security policy, by providing comprehensive security expertise to assist Headquarters and field elements in planning site protection strategies and protection operations, and by providing safeguards and security technical assistance, performance testing, and emerging technologies assessment, adaptation and integration support.    


  • Establishes policies, procedures and technical guidance for DOE-wide security to include program management and support, physical security, protective forces, information protection, personnel security, nuclear materials control and accountability, with all subordinate security topics.
  • Coordinates with Other Government Agencies (OGA) regarding planning and implementation issues, and new approaches for enhancing security at DOE facilities, and establishes approaches to protect activities funded by OGA at DOE facilities (work for others programs).
  • Provides an enterprise approach for the dissemination of security technology cost, performance, safety, and implementation information.
  • Provides direction and control to manage the Department’s Personnel Security Program.
  • Provides direction and management oversight of the security assistance program and serves as the Departmental resource for implementing innovative and cost-effective protection strategies by fostering collaboration between field and Headquarters security professionals.  The Office of Security expands the Department’s performance test capabilities, enhances the quality and availability of data critical to testing and analytical efforts, and improves the complex’s ability to assess the effectiveness of new security concepts and strategies.  Functions include
    • Conducts adversary “Red Cell” analyses of protection strategies and technologies,
    • Conducts analyses of advanced tactics, equipment, and evolving security needs,
    • Analyzes and provides adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP),
    • Develops realistic and demanding adversary scenarios for performance testing,
    • Develops standardized performance test and safety protocols, tools, and simulation methods,
    • Develops tactical simulation products and target analysis concepts,
    • Compiles and disseminates security related test data.
  • Provides direction and control to manage the Department’s Safeguards and Security Information Management System (SSIMS) providing a dynamic collection and analysis capability for current and historical information.
  • Provides direction and control for the review of safeguards and security findings, surveys, and other oversight reports to identify trends, potential impacts to, or suggestions for operational enhancement or enhancements in policy.
  • Establishes the DOE Design Basis Threat (DBT) and associated vulnerability assessment policy guidance and technical standards.
  • Represents the Department in the development of government-wide safeguards and security policies, to include Executive orders, proposed legislation, regulatory actions, and Presidential directives.
  • Represents the Department’s interests in domestic and international interagency counter-terrorism security technology research and development forums.
  • Establishes policy, procedures, and guidance for foreign visits, assignments, and for the foreign ownership, control or influence (FOCI) program.
  • Manages and maintains the DOE e-FOCI system.
  • Renders determinations on security mitigation plans for companies whose FOCI exceed Departmental thresholds.
  • Acts as DOE liaison to other federal agencies and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States in regards to FOCI actions.
  • Manages and directs the Foreign Visits and Assignments program.
  • Provides subject matter experts and DOE representation for international, inter- and intra-agency safeguards and security policy, including development of Government-wide security policy and standards..


Samuel N. Callahan, Director