The Office of Headquarters Security Operations strengthens national security by protecting personnel, facilities, property, classified information, and sensitive unclassified information for DOE Headquarters facilities in the National Capital Area under normal and abnormal (i.e., emergency) conditions, managing access authorization functions for Headquarters, ensuring that DOE Headquarters employees and visitors are fully protected, and supporting efforts to ensure the continuity of government in all circumstances as mandated by Presidential Decision Directive. The Office is responsible for personnel security information processing activities at DOE Headquarters.


  • Provides support, assistance and advice to the Associate Under Secretary regarding security operations, particularly as they relate to those programs under the purview of EHSS.
  • Directs Headquarters security response activities in support of the Headquarters Occupant Emergency Plan.  Provides management oversight and direction to the Headquarters security inquiry and investigations program.
  • Conducts biennial reviews of vulnerability assessments at Forrestal and Germantown facilities to determine needed security upgrades, establish priorities for funding, program emphasis, and reallocation of personnel as required.
  • Represents DOE at Interagency-level conferences and committees as it pertains to Headquarters security related issues.
  • Establishes and maintains liaison with intelligence offices to facilitate coordinating the overall continuity activities relating to security.
  • Provides direct security support to the Office of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary, and the direct Offices of the Under Secretary for Science and Energy and the Under Secretary for Management and Performance, serving as their Headquarters Security Officer.
  • Administers the Personnel Security Program for DOE Headquarters, to include access authorization and reinvestigation processing.
  • Administers classified visit processing for DOE Headquarters.
  • Manages the administrative review process under Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 710, for Headquarters personnel.
  • Administers Personal Identity Verification (PIV) functions at DOE Headquarters as required by Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12).
  • Administers a Performance Assurance Program for DOE Headquarters security operations.
  • Administers the Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) program for Headquarters as directed by 48 CFR Chapter 9, Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation.
  • Administers the Security Education and Awareness Program for Headquarters.
  • Administers the Headquarters Incidents of Security Concern Program as mandated by DOE Order 470.4B.   Serves as liaison with Federal and local law enforcement agencies on regional security issues affecting DOE Headquarters facilities.
  • Manages the Headquarters Security Officer (HSO) Program ensuring that Headquarters Program Elements comply with security requirements contained in the Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan (HQFMSP).