The Office of Corporate Security Strategy catalyzes a comprehensive protection strategy throughout the Department of Energy (DOE) and Other Government Agency (OGA) security communities. Advocate and facilitate a collaborative, enterprise approach to security. Manage operations designed to protect the Secretary. Promote Information Assurance by managing  effective Technical Security and Insider Threat Programs.


  • Conduct specialized assessments and analyses of enterprise-wide security activities.
  • Assess potentially systemic issues affecting DOE safeguards and security programs and identify approaches for addressing them.
  • In partnership with line management and others, ensure that the Department is fully cognizant of the nature of security related items of interests to include potential threats.
  • Identify available and emerging protection technology that can be incorporated into Departmental operations.
  • Supports the Executive Secretary of the Department’s Security Committee.
  • Serve at the pleasure of the Chair as Executive Secretary of the Department’s Special Access Program Oversight Committee (SAPOC), in accordance with Executive Order 13526, maintaining related directives and guidance, as well as providing oversight of Headquarters and field implementation.
  • Represent the Department at interagency fora to include the Interagency Security Committee, the Joint Terrorism Task Force Senior Advisory Committee, the Protective Services Working Group, and others as appropriate.
  • Serve, as designated by the Secretary, as the Senior Agency Official for Insider Threat Program activities.  As such, advise the Secretary and Deputy Secretary on issues related to the planning, construct and operation of the Insider Threat Program.
  • Serve as the Chair of the Department’s Insider Threat Executive Steering Committee.