Current Central Registry Toolbox Version(s): V1.8.5
Code Owner/Developer: Sandia National Laboratory (SNL)

Description: MELCOR is a fully integrated, engineering-level computer code developed for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission whose primary purpose is to model the progression of accidents in light water reactor nuclear power plants. Major uses of MELCOR for nonreactor facilities include estimation of confinement behavior due to radiological source terms under postulated accident conditions (and their sensitivities and uncertainties in a variety of applications), evaluation of leak path factors, and survivability of fans, filters, and other Engineering Safety Features (ESFs).

In May 2004, the Department of Energy (DOE) performed an evaluation of MELCOR against DOE’s safety software quality assurance criteria. A gap analysis report was generated that identifies the strengths and weaknesses based upon ASME NQA-1 criteria. Upon completion of this evaluation, MELCOR V1.8.5 was listed in DOE’s safety software Central Registry as a safety analysis toolbox code.

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