Current Central Registry Toolbox Version(s): IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition version 4.0.28
Code Owner: UK Health Protection Agency (HPA)

Description: IMBA ExpertTM (IX) software suite comprises a series of independent modules (referred to as sub-modules) that implement the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) Publication 66, Human Respiratory Tract Model (HRTM) and the ICRP Publications 30 (series), 67, 68, 69, and 71 biokinetic models.

In 2001, the United Kingdom (UK) National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), whose functions were absorbed later into the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA), and ACJ & Associates Inc., began development of an interface (referred to as a shell) for the IMBA modules. This effort was funded in part by the DOE, and in 2003 the first version of IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition was distributed to DOE. The final version of IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition was delivered in 2004. Other, customized versions of IMBA were developed for specific users, including the Canadian power reactor industry and for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. In 2005, IMBA Professional Plus (IPP) was introduced.

Professor Alan Birchall,, at UK HPA is the IMBA code architect and program manager. ACJ & Associates, Inc., controls the distribution of IPP in the United States. IPP updates can be obtained and issues reported at the ACJ & Associates web site:

Formal support for IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition will cease December 31, 2006. To facilitate continued support of IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition for DOE sites, HS-31 has established a problem reporting process, reporting form to report issues and share information related to IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition. It is recommended that this site be checked frequently for new information.

In July 2006, the DOE completed an evaluation of IMBA ExpertTM and IMBA Professional Plus (IPP). A gap analysis report was generated that identifies the strengths and weaknesses based upon DOE O 414.1C and DOE G 414.1-4 safety software requirements and criteria. Upon completion of this evaluation, implementation of critical recommendations, and approval by the DOE IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition version 4.0.28, was included in the DOE Safety Software Central Registry.

Inclusion into DOE's safety software Central Registry provides DOE sites knowledge of the pedigree of the safety software quality assurance (SSQA) level for IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition version 4.0.28. If another version of IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition is used DOE sites must assume the responsibility to determine that the quality assurance level meets DOE SSQA requirements. DOE published recommended guidance for the use of IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition version 4.0.28, IPP version 4.0.28, and all future minor releases of IPP 4.0.x.

Issues and concerns related to IMBA:

December 2006 - IMBA ExpertTM USDOE Edition V 4.028 and IMBA Professional Plus V 4.028 have a minor issue associated with the routine that implements the LOD (Level of Detection) fitting protocol. IMBA does not always use the line of best fit below the LOD result if this result is significantly below the rest of the observed data. This is a minor issue. The development organization has reviewed this concern and is evaluating the resolution. It is possible that IMBA's design was intended to prevent users from forcing the line of best fit too far from the majority of the observed data.