Project Name:Building Trades National Medical Screening Program
Covered DOE Site:Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
Worker Population Served:Construction Workers
Principal Investigator:Knut Ringen, DrPH, MHA, MPH
Toll-free Telephone:1-800-866-9663
Local Outreach Office:Dan Obray
456 N. Arthur Avenue
Pocatello, ID 83204

This project is intended to provide free medical screening to former workers in the building trades (construction workers). The screening targets health problems resulting from exposures, including asbestos, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, noise, radiation, silica and/or solvents. The project is being carried out by a large group led by CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training, an applied occupational health research and development center of the Building and Construction Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, in partnership with Duke University Medical Center, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and Zenith American Solutions, Inc.