Current fire protection requirements of the Department reside in: DOE O 420.1C, "Facility Safety"10 CFR Part 851, Worker Safety and Health ProgramDOE 440.1B Chg 1, "Worker Protection Program for DOE (Including the National Nuclear Security Administration) Federal Employees". Specific requirements which are applicable to DOE facilities and programs are contained in the Code of Federal Regulations, NFPA Codes and Standards, and the International Building Code.

Statutory requirements related to fire safety that are applicable to DOE programs and facilities are principally contained in Appendix A, section 2 of 10 CFR Part 851, Worker Safety and Health Program.  Construction-related fire safety requirements are contained in Subpart F, Fire Protection and Prevention," of 19 CFR 1926.  Additionally, other statutory requirements may be applicable depending on the nature of the program activity or facility.  For example, some of DOE's underground construction projects have come under the "Mine Safety" criteria delineated in 30 CFR 57.

To supplement these requirements and to facilitate the development and implementation of comprehensive fire protection programs across the Department, DOE has developed a series of fire safety guidance documents. These include DOE-STD-1066-2012, "Fire Protection" as well as other guidance documents and instructions contained on this web site.




September 27, 2007Implementation Guide for DOE Fire Protection and Emergency Services Programs for Use with DOE O 420.1B, Facility Safety
June 30, 1994Nuclear Criticality Safety Guide for Fire Protection
February 11, 2004DOE G 450-1.4 Implementation of Guide Wildland Fire Management Program for Use with DOE 450.1, Environmental Protection Program
December 21, 2006DoD Instruction 6055.6, DoD Fire and Emergency Services Program
Apr 14, 1995 
Guidelines for Developing Medical Standards for Fire Fighters
December 1994 
Primer on Spontaneous Heating and Pyrophoricity (DOE-HDBK-1081-94)
Oct 1994 
Guidance for the Quality Assurance of Fire Protection Systems 
May 5, 1993 
Managed Phase Out of Halon Fixed Fire Suppression Systems 
September 29, 1988 
NFPA 1500 Implementation Plan

Archived Documents

 DOE-STD-1066-99, "Fire Protection Design Criteria"
 DOE-STD-1066-97, "Fire Protection Design Criteria"
 DOE-STD-1088-95, "Fire Protection for Relocatable Structures"
Oct 17,2002NFPA 1710 Technical Position
Sept 30, 1995 
Implementation Guide for use with DOE Orders 420.1 and 440.1, Fire Safety Program
Nov 7, 1991 
Guidance on Performance of Fire Hazards Analyses
 DOE O 440.1A, "Worker Protection Management"
May 28, 2002Final Report from the DOE Commission on Fire Safety and Preparedness
Jan 19, 2001Secretarial Memorandum on Wildland Fire Safety
 DOE 5480.7A, "Fire Protection"
 DOE 6430.1A Div.1-7, "General Design Criteria"
 Div. 8-16, "General Design Criteria"
 DOE O 420.1, "Facility Safety"
Oct 10, 1998Fire Safety Program Performance Measures
January 1984Standard for Fire Protection of DOE Electronic Computer - Data Processing Systems