Central Registry Toolbox Code Version(s): V7.0
Code Owner/Developer: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

Description: The Emergency Prediction Information code, or EPIcode, program was developed to provide emergency response personnel and emergency planners with a software tool to help evaluate the atmospheric release of toxic substances. EPIcode allows fast estimation and assessment of chemical release scenarios associated with accidents from industry and transportation. The software can also be used for safety analysis planning purposes on facilities handling toxic materials. EPIcode performs calculations for chemical source terms and resulting downwind concentrations. Source term calculations determine the rate at which the chemical material is released to the atmosphere, release height, release durations, and the form and properties of the chemical upon release. The release chemical may be a gas, a vapor, or an aerosol.

In May 2004, the Department of Energy (DOE) performed an evaluation of EPIcode against DOE's safety software quality assurance criteria. A gap analysis report was generated that identifies the strengths and weaknesses based upon ASME NQA-1 criteria. Upon completion of this evaluation, EPIcode V7.0 was listed in DOE's safety software Central Registry as a safety analysis toolbox code.

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DOE-EH- AnalysisSoftware Quality Assurance Improvement Plan: EPIcode Gap Analysis, May 2004

DOE-EH- GuidanceEPIcode Computer Code Application Guidance for Documented Safety Analysis, July 2004

Thoman, D. C.; O'Kula, K. R.; Laul, J. C.; Davis, M. W.; and Knecht, K. D.Comparison of ALOHA and EPIcode for Safety Analysis Applications, Journal of Chemical Health & Safety, Volume 13, Number 6, November/December 2006.