The DOE Standard DOE-STD-1153-2019 A Graded Approach for Evaluating Radiation Doses to Aquatic and Terrestrial Biota, provides a graded approach for evaluating radiation doses to aquatic and terrestrial biota. The Standard also provides a cost-effective, easy to implement methodology that can be used for demonstrating compliance with DOE dose limits, and with findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) regarding doses, below which deleterious effects on populations of aquatic and terrestrial organisms have not been observed. The DOE Technical Standard can also be used for assessing ecological effects of radiological impact when conducting eco-risk assessments.

Information Brief on DOE-STD-1153-2019 A Graded Approach for Evaluating Radiation Doses to Aquatic and Terrestrial Biota

The Office of Public Radiation Protection provides technical assistance to Department of Energy (DOE) sites in estimating the potential radiation doses to biota as a result of their site activities. DOE Order 458.1 Chg 3, Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment, specifies that when actions taken to protect humans from radiation and radioactive materials are not adequate to protect biota, evaluations must be done to demonstrate compliance with paragraph 4.j.(2) of the Order. The information Brief provides additional information of DOE -STD-1153-2019, on the approach to radiation protection of Aquatic and Terrestrial Biota, from operations at the DOE.

Purpose of the Web Site

This web site was designed to provide a central access point to support the needs of the Department of Energy and to provide the public with Biota-related information, activities, and available products concerning biota dose evaluation methods, radio-ecological research, and standards. News and information from other national and international agencies and organizations involved in biota dose activities and issues are also reported here, as available.
Specifically, this Web site provides a forum for:

  • keeping current, communicating, and exchanging information on biota dose limits, methods, and protection frameworks;
  • obtaining DOE and other guidance and methods for evaluating doses to biota, and in the design and review of site-specific biota dose assessments, and
  • sharing information, issues, and lessons learned regarding biota dose evaluation activities.


RESRAD Biota (Version 1.5) is now available for general use as a companion tool for implementing DOE's Graded Approach to Evaluating Radiation Doses to Aquatic and Terrestrial Biota (DOE Technical Standard DOE-STD-1153-2002). The code serves as DOE's "next generation" biota dose evaluation tool, and duplicates the screening (i.e., BCGs) and analysis methods contained in the Technical Standard, also providing many new and advanced features. The code was sponsored by DOE's Office of Environment, Safety and Health, and the Office of Environmental Management, with support from the EPA and NRC. There is increasing interest in protection of the environment against ionizing radiation. DOE developed the technical standard DOE-STD-1153-2002, A Graded Approach for Evaluating Radiation Doses to Aquatic and Terrestrial Biota, Jul 2002. To access the different components of the Biota Technical Standard review the Technical Standards Program.  

RESRAD-BIOTA software located at Argonne National labs.