Performance Objective:

Suspect/Counterfeit Items (S/CI) programs are being effectively implemented and assessed by DOE/NNSA Headquarters, Field organizations, and their contractors. Organization (i.e., Contractor/Subcontractor) has a formal system to adequately identify, define, and implement controls that: identify and preclude S/CI from being introduced into the DOE/NNSA supply chain that may create potential hazards; ensure oversight of the S/CI program; verify identified S/CIs are controlled and segregated and not placed back into the supply chain; and effectively communicate S/CI and defective items/products to other organizations. The “Objectives, Criteria, and Suggested Lines of Inquiry” section can be broken down into three main categories or performance objectives for the S/CI assessment process: oversight, controls, and reporting.


The linked Criteria Review and Approach Document (CRAD) provides a general resource to aid in assessing Suspect/Counterfeit Items Programs throughout the DOE/NNSA.