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May 5, 2015 - Parthenon 4

Defense Board Recommendation 2014-1
Presenter: William Froh, Fire Protection Engineer, NNSA Associate Administrator for Emergency Operations (NA‐41)
National Security Campus Final FHA
Presenter: Bob Bitter, PE, FSFPE, Honeywell/FM&T
NQA‐1 Commercial Grade Dedication Critical Characteristics
Presenter: Randy P. Lanham, PE, CSP, Fire Protection Chief Engineer Consolidated Nuclear Solutions ‐ Pantex, LLC
Fire Protection in Plutonium Facilities
Presenter: Rob Plonski, PE, Fire Protection Engineer, Empowered Global Solutions
Aircraft Hangar High Expansion Foam Project
Presenter: Lenny Farello, Senior Fire Protection Engineer, NNSA Associate Administrator for Safety, Infrastructure and Operations (NA‐50)

May 6, 2015 - Parthenon 4

Eliminating the Mystery of the Hazardous Material Codes
Presenter: Neal Hara, Principal Fire Protection Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Chemical Pre‐Procurement (ChemPro) Application
Presenter: Julie Cordero, PE, CFEI Fire Protection Engineer, Sandia National Laboratory ‐ Albuquerque

May 5, 2015 - Parthenon 4 Cont.

Fire Protection for Underground Research Facilities
Presenter: James Priest, Ph.D., Senior Fire Protection Engineer ES&H, Universities Research Associates ‐ FNAL
Comparison of DOE and DoD Fire Protection
Presenter: Daniel Garcia, PE, Fire Protection Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories
Order Implementation Challenges at INL
Presenter: Taryn Couchman‐Cates, USDOE Idaho Field Office
PG to Glycerin ‐ Lessons Learned on Antifreeze System Conversions at Y‐12
Presenter: Jacob Greenwell, Fire Protection Engineer, Consolidated Nuclear Solutions ‐ Y12, LLC
Understanding Emergency Communication Systems, Risk Analysis and Voice Intelligibility
Presenter: Jack Poole, PE, FSFPE Principal, Poole Fire Protection, Inc.

May 6, 2015 - Parthenon 4 Cont.

Excel Fire Modeling and CFAST Integration
Presenter: Rob Plonski, PE, FPE, Empowered Global Solutions
Field Reports - WIPP Mine Fire Safety
Presenter: Sherman Butler, Fire Protection Engineer, WIPP



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