The Wind Vision Report quantifies the economic, environmental, and social benefits of a robust wind energy future through 2050. The Wind Vision Report’s Study Scenario analyzes a future where 20% of U.S. electricity comes from wind in 2030 and 35% in 2050, and provides an overview of what wind-related jobs, manufacturing competiveness, and resource savings could look like in 2020, 2030, and 2050.

The Wind Vision report ends with a roadmap of technical, economic, and institutional activities to optimize wind’s potential contribution to a cleaner, more reliable, domestic energy generation portfolio, detailed in Chapter 4 (The Wind Vision Roadmap: A Pathway Forward) and Appendix M (Detailed Roadmap Actions). As the roadmap was intended to be updated periodically, feedback was elicited from wind researchers and other stakeholders throughout 2016–2017, culminating in an updated roadmap of detailed actions published in 2018.


WINDExchange is the U.S. Department of Energy's platform for disseminating credible information about wind energy and is also the home for the Wind for Schools project and Regional Resource Centers. You can also find wind-related resources including publications, webinars, and studies on the WINDExchange website.

Wind Energy Basics

These pages provide basic information about wind power, including how wind energy works and the history of wind energy.

Wind Career Map

Chart your path among the wind industry’s broad range of occupations and learn about experience and skills expectations, wage information, and educational requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Wind Energy

A list of frequently asked questions and answers about wind energy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Wind Systems

A list of frequently asked questions and answers related to using a small wind energy system to power your home.



  • Wind Technology Resource Center: technical resources on the specific technologies or wind energy research topics through publications, data, analysis, and research and development labs and facilities
  • U.S. Wind Turbine Database: a comprehensive dataset of U.S. wind turbine locations and characteristics that is updated quarterly
  • Tethys: a website facilitating data sharing and the exchange of information on the environmental effects of offshore wind technology and development
  • OpenEl: Wind Power: a wiki featuring topics crowd-sourced from industry and government agencies
  • Wind Energy Data and Information Gateway: an integrated online system for the archival, discovery, access, integration, and delivery of data and information.


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