In February 2017, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Wind Energy Technologies Office held its Peer Review Meeting in Arlington, Virginia. The purpose of the meetings was to evaluate DOE-funded wind energy research and development projects for contributions to DOE’s mission and goals, and to assess progress made against stated objectives. 

This PDF includes the following presentations:

Wind Research and Development Track Overview
Mike Derby, Wind Technology Program Manager

Technology Innovation Overview
Megan McCluer, Senior Advisor, Manufacturing, Reliability, and Testing

  • Additive Manufacturing in Wind Turbine Components and Tooling
    Brian K. Post, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Development of On-Site Tapered Spiral Welding for Large Turbine Towers
  • Eric Smith, Keystone Tower Systems
  • Hexcrete Tower for Harvesting Wind Energy at Taller Hub Heights
    Sri Sritharan, Iowa State University
  • Testing Facilities and Capabilities at SNL
    Jon White, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Testing Facilities and Capabilities at National Wind Technology Center
    Dave Simms, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Innovative Blade Test Methods
    Scott Hughes, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Rotor Reliability (Collaboratives, Monitoring, and O&M)
    Josh Paquette, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Drivetrain Reliability (Collaboratives, Monitoring, and O&M)
    Jonathan Keller, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Innovative Drivetrain Concepts (FOA): Next Generation Drivetrain
    Jonathan Keller, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • An Online Intelligent Prognostic Health Monitoring System for Wind Turbines
    Wei Qiao, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Wind Standards Development
    Jeroen van Dam, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Advanced High Torque Density Magnetically Geared Generator
    Jonathan Bird, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • The Incubation of Next-Generation Radar Technologies to Lower the Cost of Wind Energy
    John Schroeder, Texas Tech University

Wind Plant Optimization Overview
Joel Cline, Resource Characterization Team Lead

  • Performance Risk, Uncertainty & Finance (PRUF): Wind Plant Benchmarking
    Jason Fields, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • High-Fidelity Modeling
    Michael A. Sprague, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Wake Dynamics Measurement, Testing, and Validation
    Brian Naughton, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Wind Plant Flow Control
    Alan Wright, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Integrated System Design and Analysis (ISDA)
    Katherine Dykes, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • The DOE A2e Mesoscale to Microscale Coupling Project
    Sue Ellen Haupt, Joel Cline, Will Shaw, Larry Berg, Matt Churchfield, Jeff Mirocha, Branko Kosovic, Caroline Draxl, Raj Rai, Rao Kotamarthi, et. al.
  • Wind Forecast Improvement Project in Complex Terrain (WFIP 2)
    Will Shaw, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; JM Wilczak, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; J McCaa, Vaisala
  • Data Archive and Portal
    Chitra Sivaraman

Distributed Wind Research, Development, and Testing
Patrick Gilman, Distributed Wind Team Lead

  • Distributed Wind Research Development and Testing
    Ian Baring-Gould, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Competitiveness Improvement Project
    Ian Baring-Gould, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Offshore Wind Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment; Technology; and Resource Characterization
Alana Duerr, Offshore Wind Team Lead

  • Modeling and Validation for Offshore Wind
    Amy Robertson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Wave Impacts on Fixed Offshore Wind Foundations
    Ralph L. Nichols, Savannah River National Laboratory
  • Sediment Transport Impacts on Offshore Wind Projects
    Jesse Roberts, Sandia National Laboratories; Craig Jones, Integral Consulting
  • Instrumentation Planning for the Offshore Wind Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects
    Walter Musial, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Structural Health and Prognostics Management for Offshore Wind Projects
    D. Todd Griffith, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Demo Project Buoy Deployment
    WJ Shaw, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • National Offshore Wind Strategy Supporting Analysis
    Walter Musial, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Turbine Advanced Controls for Offshore Wind Floating Applications
    Dhiraj Arora, GE Renewable Energy
  • New England Aqua Ventus I
    Habib Dagher, University of Maine
  • Hywind Maine
    Andrea Eugster, Statoil ASA
  • WindFloat Pacific: Floating Offshore Wind Demonstration Project
    Kevin Banister, Principle Power, Inc.
  • Fishermen’s Energy Atlantic City Wind Farm
    Chris Wisseman, Fisherman’s Energy
  • Project Icebreaker
    David P. Karpinski, LEEDCo