The U.S. wind industry is booming! As 2018 data continue to roll in, a few things are clear—wind is becoming more affordable, while industry growth is creating jobs and boosting rural economies, and offshore wind is scaling up.

At the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO), we're excited about trends that are crucial to our clean energy future. No one predicted that 2018 would set a record for the volume of signed power purchase agreements, driven largely by brand-name corporations and non utilities.

Photo of Valerie Reed, Acting Director of the Wind Energy Technologies Office.

A number of states and federal agencies—DOE, the U.S. Department of the Interior, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management—are working to make the U.S. offshore wind industry a reality. There are still challenges ahead, but most offshore projects are moving beyond the planning stages.

You'll hear more about these trends and others at this week's American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) WINDPOWER Conference. WETO is here, of course. Be sure to stop by the WETO booth (1211) and see the official schedule for details on our activities.

I'm always excited to introduce our R&D newsletter, because it showcases such prime examples of WETO's global leadership in fundamental wind energy science research, development, and validation activities. You can read about the potential of longer blades and taller towers, how the first field trials of wind energy controls demonstrate the possibilities for increased power production and revenue, how WETO-funded research is helping to safeguard bat populations, and more.

We at WETO are dedicated to advancing wind energy technologies, research, and development. We, along with our national laboratories and industry partners, are committed to conducting exceptional wind energy R&D in 2019.


Valerie Reed, Acting Director
Wind Energy Technologies Office