In February 2017, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Water Power Technologies Office held its Peer Review Meeting in Arlington, Virginia. The purpose of the meetings was to evaluate DOE-funded water power research and development projects for contributions to DOE’s mission and goals, and to assess progress made against stated objectives. 

Peer Review Meeting Materials


Marine and Hydrokinetic Power: Environmental Research, Resource Characterization, and Analysis

  • Site and Resource Characterization
  • Environmental Research
  • Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation Research
  • Market and Industry Development, Analysis, and Data Dissemination

Marine and Hydrokinetic Power: Technology Research and Development

  • Controls Technology
  • Systems
  • Components
  • Survivability
  • System Innovation

Marine and Hydrokinetic Power: Demonstrations and Infrastructure

  • Demonstrations
  • Infrastructure


  • Growth
  • Optimization
  • Sustainability

Peer Review Report

The Peer Review Report includes feedback on the office’s initiatives and investments across the nation. The report has been divided into two sections:

  • Volume I includes sections 1–5 of the report: the executive summary, synopses of the program- and project-level evaluation results, and WPTO’s response to the 2017 Peer Review findings.
  • Volume II includes sections 6 and 7—the complete program-level and project-level evaluation results—as well as the report appendices.

Water Power Technologies Office 2017 Peer Review Report