Fleet managers will benefit from the lower fuel costs, more reliable fuel prices, and lower emissions that come from using alternative fuels and advanced technologies made possible through the work of the Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO).  VTO provides a variety of resources – including more than 100 Clean Cities coalitions nationwide – to help fleet managers find the right technology that meets their needs.  In addition, it also manages programs for regulated fleets that are required to use alternative fuels. Tools designed for sustainability managers may also be of use to fleet managers who have a focus on reducing emissions.

Tools for Fleet Managers

Programs for Fleet Managers

  • The State and Alternative Fuel Provider Fleet Program works with covered fleets to reduce petroleum consumption and use alternative fuels.
  • Sustainable Federal Fleets is managed by VTO’s sister program, the Federal Energy Management Program, to help fleets in the federal government reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Clean Cities supports local actions to reduce petroleum consumption in transportation, including working with fleet managers around the country to deploy alternative and renewable fuels, idle reduction measures, and fuel economy improvements.
  • The National Clean Fleets Partnership builds on the success of Clean Cities by collaborating with the nation’s largest private fleets to cut petroleum use and share partnership opportunities.