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In addition to a Federal government tax credit up to $7,500, consumers who purchase plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) may also receive state government incentives which vary by state. Shown below are state incentives that can be quantified, such as tax credits and rebates, sales and use tax exemptions, reduced license taxes, title tax exemptions, and reduced registration fees. Colorado, Connecticut and Louisiana have the highest incentives for tax credits. New Jersey offers the only sales and use tax exemptions; and DC offers the only title tax exemption and reduced registration fee.

Select State PEV Incentives Totals by State, July 2015


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Selected State Incentives for Plug-in Vehicles, July 2015
StateTax Credits & RebatesSales and Use Tax ExemptionReduced License TaxTitle Tax ExemptionReduced Registration FeeTotal
AZ  $944  $944
CA$2,500    $2,500
CO$6,000    $6,000
CT$3,000 $21  $3,021
DC   $2,800$36$2,836
IL  $83  $83
LA$3,000    $3,000
MA$2,500    $2,500
MD$2,500    $2,500
NJ $2,800   $2,800
PA$2,000    $2,000
SC$2,000    $2,000
TN$2,500    $2,500
UT$1,500    $1,500


  • For calculation purposes, e.g., sales tax exemptions, the vehicle was assumed to have a value of $40,000, a weight of 3,500 lbs., and a 20 kWh battery capacity.
  • Only the incentives listed in the columns above were considered. Other state incentives, such as high-occupancy vehicle lane exemptions and reduced toll rates are not reflected here. Also, incentives on the charging equipment, electricity discounts, etc., were not considered.

Sources: Alternative Fuels Data Center accessed July 20, 2015. Data compiled by SRA International, Inc.

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