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The International Energy Agency released the 2015 report Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, The Electric Drive Delivers which shows the total number of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in selected countries. PEVs include both battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles or PHEVs. The United States had by far the most PEVs with nearly 317,000 while Italy had the second highest number of PEVs with 56,300 โ€“ less than one fifth of the United States total. However, if you view the number of PEVs relative to the size of each country's population, the United States comes in a distant third among the selected countries with 9.9 PEVs per ten thousand people. The Netherlands and Switzerland had 27.3 and 23.2 PEVs per ten thousand people, respectively.

Number of PEVs and PEVs per Ten Thousand People for Selected Countries, 2014

Graphic showing the number of PEVs in various countries and the number per ten thousand people for those countries.


  • These countries reported their vehicle totals in different ways; some countries reported registrations through 2014 while others used cumulative sales through 2014.
  • PEVs include both BEVs and PHEVs.
  • Austria and Germany data do not include PHEVs, but only BEVs.
  • Austria, Canada, France, and Germany include only passenger cars.

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Number of PEVs and PEVs per Ten Thousand People for Selected Countries, 2014
Country Number of PEVs
PEVs per Ten
Thousand People
United States 316.9 9.9
Italy 56.2 9.1
Netherlands 46.1 27.3
France 30.1 4.5
United Kingdom 26.1 4.1
Germany 18.9 2.3
Switzerland 18.7 23.2
Spain 11.4 2.4
Canada 10.7 3.1
Sweden 8.2 8.5
Belgium 6.7 6.4
Denmark 3.3 6.1
Austria 3.3 4.1
South Korea 2.0 0.4
Finland 0.9 1.8
Ireland 0.6 1.1

Source: International Energy Agency, Implementing Agreement for Co-operation on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies and Programmes, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, The Electric Drive Delivers, Annual Report, April 2015, Table 1, pg. 120.

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