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There were 263 million tires scrapped in 2009 (latest available data) which amounts to more than 4.7 million tons of waste. Fortunately, 84% of that waste was recycled. Most of the recycled tires were used to make fuel for industries such as pulp and paper mills, cement kilns, and electric utilities. Ground rubber, which is used for sports surfacing, asphalt, playgrounds, and other molded products, is the second largest use of recycled tires.

U.S. Scrap Tire Uses, 2009
Graph showing uses for U.S. scrap tires in 2009. See table below for more detailed information.


Supporting Information

U.S. Scrap Tire Uses, 2009
Market Tons (Thousands)
Tire-derived Fuel 2,084.8
Ground Rubber 1,354.2
Civil Engineering 284.9
Reclamation Projects 130.0
Exported 102.1
Baled Tires/Marketable 27.8
Other Uses 36.1
Total Recycled 4,019.9
Baled Tires/No-market 15.6
Not Properly Disposed 162.0
Land Disposed 594.0
Total Not Recycled 771.6
Total Scrap Tires 4,791.5
Note: Other Uses include electric arc furnace, agricultural, and punched/stamped.
Source: Rubber Manufacturers Association.

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