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The average trip length (one-way) is 9.7 miles according to the 2009 Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey. Trip lengths vary by the purpose of the trip. Shopping and family/personal business are the shortest trips, on average. One-way trips to/from work average 12.2 miles.

Trip Length by Purpose, 2009
Graphic showing trip length by purpose, Purpose of trips were vacation, other, work-related business, visit friends/relatives, to/from work, medical/dental, school/church, social/recreational, family/personal business, shopping, and all. For more detailed information, see supporting information below.

Note: A trip is defined as one-way travel from one address to another address. For specific definitions of trip purposes, see pdf page 77 of the Summary of Travel Trends: 2009 National Household Travel Survey.

Supporting Information

Trip Length and Share of Trips by Purpose
Trip Purpose Trip Length
Share of Trips
To/from work 12.2 22.3%
Work-related business 17.2 3.9%
Shopping 6.5 22.8%
Other family/personal business 6.8 21.9%
School/church 8.8 5.0%
Medical/dental 9.9 2.6%
Vacation 31.4 0.7%
Visit friends/relatives 15.7 5.7%
Other social/recreational 8.6 14.9%
Other 19 0.3%
All 9.7 100.0%

2009 National Household Travel Survey

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