Full-size pickup trucks remain at the top of the list for best-selling models in 2011. The Ford F-Series was the top-selling model followed by the Chevrolet Silverado in second place and the Dodge Ram in seventh. Including sales from the top 12 models, about 36% were full-size pickup trucks. Interestingly, the Ford Escape was the only SUV to make the list; the remaining models are cars. The top 12 models represent 27% of all light vehicles sold in 2011.

Sales of the Top 12 Vehicles in the U.S., 2011

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Top Selling Models for 2011
RankModelSales (Thousands)
1Ford F-Series585
2Chevrolet Silverado415
3Toyota Camry309
4Nissan Altima269
5Ford Escape254
6Ford Fusion248
7Ram Pickup245
8Toyota Corolla/Matrix240
9Honda Accord236
10Chevrolet Cruze232
11Hyundai Sonata226
12Honda Civic221

Source: Ward's AutoInfoBank.

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