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The U.S. imported almost 12 million barrels per day in 2010, according to data for the first ten months of the year. Canada, Mexico and other non-OPEC countries are the top three places from which the U.S. imported petroleum. Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Venezuela – which are all OPEC nations – each provided the U.S. with about one million barrels per day of petroleum. Libya, also part of OPEC, provided the U.S. with only 76 thousand barrels per day.

U.S. Imports of Petroleum by Country, First Ten Months of 2010
Bar graph showing the U.S. imports of petroleum by country (OPEC and Non-OPEC) for the first ten months of 2010. For more detailed information, see supporting information below.

Supporting Information

U.S. Petroleum Imports, First Ten Months of 2010
(Thousand Barrels per Day)

Algeria 503   Brazil 275
Angola 409   Canada 2,516
Ecuador 198   Columbia 366
Iraq 429   Mexico 1,263
Kuwait 207   Netherlands 117
Libya 76   Norway 97
Nigeria 1,037   Russia 626
Saudi Arabia 1,090   U.S. Virgin Islands 263
Venezuela 998   United Kingdom 265
Other OPEC 3   Other Non-OPEC 1,147
OPEC Average 4,949   Non-OPEC Average 6,935

Source: Energy Information Administration, January 2011 Monthly Energy Review, Table 3.3.

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