The Department of Energy's Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Report is a quarterly report that tracks prices for conventional and alternative fuels in the U.S. The graph below shows the nationwide average price for each fuel type in blue. The red bars in the graph show the nationwide average price on an energy-equivalent basis adjusted to a Gasoline-Gallon Equivalent (GGE). The relationship between actual per unit fuel cost and energy-equivalent cost shows the comparable cost of each fuel. Diesel is more expensive than gasoline but it contains more energy for the same unit of fuel so the GGE price for diesel is actually a little less than for gasoline. A gallon of ethanol (E85) is less expensive than a gallon of gasoline; however, E85 contains less energy and is therefore more expensive than gasoline on a GGE basis.

Fuel Prices for the Period of July 12, 2010 through July 23, 2010


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Conventional and Alternative Fuel Prices, July 12, 2010 through July 23, 2010
Fuel TypeNationwide Average Price (Dollars/gallon)Energy-Equivalent Price (Dollars/GGE)
Gasoline (Regular)$2.71$2.71
Ethanol (E85)$2.30$3.25
Biodiesel (B20)$3.06$2.79
Biodiesel (B99-B100)$3.75$3.69

Note: CNG prices are reported in GGE, thus no unit price comparison can be made.
Source: Department of Energy, Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Report, July 2010.

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