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A typical class 8 truck tractor weighs about 17,000 lbs. The powertrain is nearly a quarter of the weight (24%) while the truck body structure is 19%.

Weight of Truck Components on a Typical Class 8 Truck Tractor
Graph showing the weight of truck components (powertrain, truck body structure, misc. accessories/systems, drivetrain & suspension, chassis/frame, and wheels and tires) on a typical class 8 truck tractor. For more detailed information, see supporting information below.
  • Powertrain includes engine and cooling system, transmission and accessories.
  • Truck body structure includes cab-in-white, sleeper unit, hood and fairings, interior and glass.
  • Miscellaneous accessories/systems includes batteries, fuel system, and exhaust hardware.
  • Drivetrain and suspension includes drive axles, steer axle, and suspension system.
  • Chassis/frame includes frame rails and crossmembers, fifth wheel and brackets. Wheels and tires include a set of 10 aluminum wheels, plus tires.

Supporting Information

Weight of Truck Components on a Typical Class 8 Truck Tractor
  Pounds Share of Total
Wheels and Tires 1,700 10%
Chassis/Frame 2,040 12%
Drivetrain & Suspension 2,890 17%
Misc. Accessories/Systems 3,060 18%
Truck Body Structure 3,230 19%
Powertrain 4,080 24%
Total 17,000 100%

Source: National Academy of Sciences, Technologies and Approaches to Reducing the Fuel Consumption of Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles, prepublication copy, March 2010, p. 5-42.

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