The top ten lists of best selling cars and light trucks in 2009 show that the Toyota Camry was the best selling car, while the Ford F-Series pickup was the best selling light truck. The F-Series outsold the Camry by about 50,000 units. The hybrid Toyota Prius was the tenth bestselling car in 2009.

Top Ten Best Selling Cars, 2009

Top Ten Best Selling Light Trucks, 2009

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Top Ten Best Selling Cars and Light Trucks, 2009
RankCarsLight Trucks
1Toyota Camry356.8Ford F-Series413.6
2Toyota Corolla/Matrix296.9Chevrolet Silverado316.5
3Honda Accord287.5Honda CR-V191.2
4Honda Civic259.7Dodge Ram Pickup177.3
5Nissan Altima203.6Ford Escape173.0
6Ford Fusion180.1Toyota RAV4149.1
7Chevrolet Impala165.6GMC Sierra111.8
8Chevrolet Malibu161.6Toyota Tacoma111.8
9Ford Focus160.4Honda Odyssey100.1
10Toyota Prius139.7Lexus RX  93.4

Source: Ward's AutoInfoBank.


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