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As consumers begin to transition from gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs), the price of electricity is becoming a new area of focus for motorists. Although emphasis is often put on those states with the highest electricity prices, most states (38 states plus the District of Columbia) had average residential electricity prices of less than 15 cents/kWh in 2021. Only six states had an average residential electricity price exceeding 20 cents/kWh. Geographically, prices were highest in the Northeast and the Pacific states of California, Alaska, and Hawaii, with Hawaii having by far the highest price at 33 cents/kWh. Washington state, which relies heavily on hydropower, had the lowest price at 10 cents/kWh. EV owners may be able to take advantage of less expensive off-peak charging rates offered by some utility companies.

Average Retail Price of Electricity, 2021 - Residential

Source: Energy Information Administration, Electricity Data Browser, Average retail price of electricity, 2021, accessed May 3, 2022.