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In 2021, there were 230 renewable natural gas (RNG) projects across the nation with capacity to produce a total of 574 million diesel-gallon equivalents for transportation. Using RNG instead of diesel fuel significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. RNG is made using a variety of feedstocks, including municipal solid waste from landfills, manure from livestock, food waste, and wastewater sludge. RNG can be used in any natural gas engine without modification. The RNG produced in these projects was used either to fuel vehicles on site or injected into natural gas pipelines for use as vehicle fuel. (RNG used to generate electricity for vehicle charging or for other non-transportation purposes is not included).

RNG Production Capacity by Feedstock, 2021

Source: Mintz, M. and Vos, P. Database of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Projects: 2021 Update, Argonne National Laboratory, January 2022.