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In 2016, light-duty vehicles accounted for 58.5% of transportation energy use while medium/heavy-duty trucks and buses accounted for 23.9%. Air transportation was the only other mode accounting for more than 5% of transportation energy use. The majority of fuel used in transportation was gasoline and diesel fuel, used not only for highway vehicles but also in rail, water and air modes.

Domestic consumption of transportation energy use by mode and fuel type in 2016. Modes include light vehicles, med/heavy trucks and buses, air, water, rail, and pipeline. Fuel types include gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, residual, natural gas, electricity.

Notes: Residual fuel oil is heavier oil which can be used in vessel bunkering. Civilian consumption only. Totals may not include all possible uses of fuels for transportation (e.g., snowmobiles). Only end-use energy was counted for electricity, not including generation and distribution losses.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Transportation Energy Data Book: Edition 37, ORNL/TM-2018/198, January 2019, Figure 2.6.

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