The list below details reports and publications from the Federal Consortium for Advanced Batteries (FCAB), which brings together Federal agencies that are interested in ensuring a domestic supply of lithium batteries and are committed to accelerating the development of a robust and secure domestic industrial base.

The FCAB encourages cooperation and coordination across the U.S. Government agencies’ advanced battery efforts and seeks to develop a healthy domestic ecosystem. The consortium is led by the Departments of Energy, Defense, Commerce, and State and includes many organizations across the government.


Publication Name Description Date of Publication
Year in Review In operation one-year, FCAB has several accomplishments to its credit.  The Consortium has brought together staff from across the Federal government with a stake in establishing a domestic supply of lithium batteries. To learn more about what the group has completed in the first year and what it plans to accomplish in the coming year read our Year in Review November 2021
Pre-Application Battery Test Manual The Pre-Application Battery Test Manual defines a series of tests to characterize performance and life behavior for advanced batteries August 2021