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Hexagon Lincoln, of Lincoln, Nebraska, has more than doubled its workforce and added a fourth shift for 24-hour/7-days-a-week operation to accommodate growing demand for its carbon fiber composite tanks. With EERE support, Hexagon developed a new trailer that uses high-strength composite vessels to carry more than 720 kg of hydrogen, thus transporting 2.5 times more compressed hydrogen gas than traditional steel tube trailers. With the increase in demand for their products for use on cars, trucks, and buses, and as large capacity tube trailers for delivering hydrogen and natural gas, the company has expanded annual sales from $33 million to $88 million and more than doubled their employees from 119 to 269 since 2010. Leveraging its EERE-supported hydrogen storage tank development, Hexagon is now an active player in the natural gas market.

The Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) conducts comprehensive efforts to overcome the technological, economic, and institutional barriers to the widespread commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells.

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) success stories highlight the positive impact of its work with businesses, industry partners, universities, research labs, and other entities.

Project Overview

Positive Impact

EERE-supported breakthroughs in hydrogen storage and delivery lead to new market entry.




Hexagon Lincoln

EERE Investment

$1.2 million over 4 years

Clean Energy Sector

Sustainable transportation