Nevada-based contracting firm Nevada Controls, LLC used a low-interest loan from the Nevada State Office of Energy’s Revolving Loan Fund to help construct a hydropower project in the small Nevada town of Kingston. The Kingston Creek Project—benefitting the Young Brothers Ranch—is a 175-kilowatt hydro generation plant on private land that takes advantage of an existing stream and power line. Construction began in March 2011, and the plant was finished in September 2011. The project is now complete and producing renewable energy. The project is expected to produce 1,097,005 total net kilowatt hours per year, which is enough to power nearly 100 typical American households per year.

Thanks to the Nevada State Office of Energy’s Revolving Loan Fund, Nevada Controls was also able to hire two new employees—a 70% increase in their staffing. The project smoothed over some difficulties over water rights between the Young Brothers Ranch and the town of Kingston, and the town is now able to leave water in Kingston Creek and fill the pond in the center of town without anyone contesting the water rights. Water flows down from an existing mountain stream, turning a turbine in a small building and creating electricity not too far from the highway. Nevada was the first state to fully loan out the initial capitalization of their Revolving Loan Fund, and repayments have enabled them to make additional loans.

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Hydropower project produces enough electricity to annually power nearly 100 typical American households.




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