Should I push the little one?


Oh, is there a little one?

There's a little one.

That's what you mean. There's a skinny one. Fat one and a skinny one.

Why didn't you say so?

Skinny one dims.

So we have four controllers over there?

There's two switches. Each switch has a fat side and a skinny side.

You might have to get up and look at it.

Just go back to the high again. The bifurcated fat, and the bifurcated skinny.


That's tough, right?

And if you press and hold the fat side, does it do anything?


Oh, yeah. Well that was off, I guess. Sorry. Let's push it again. That's off.

Fades to off. OK, so one side is on and off. The other side dimming.

The big side is on, off. The other side is dimming.

And so they're zoned front of the room, and back of the room.

So the on, off function is zone one. The dim function is zone two, on one of the buttons.

Right. But now I'm trying to dim back up.


And it's not doing anything.

So dim down, but not dim up?

Right. OK.