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DOE financial opportunities for solid-state lighting (SSL) include competitive solicitations, grants, and other federal funding mechanisms to advance innovative, energy-saving SSL technologies. SSL program R&D investments focus on solving critical challenges in the efficiency of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic LEDs (OLEDs), as well as application-specific lighting efficiency. Early-stage research advances the understanding of underlying physical phenomena, explores new technical and fabrication approaches, and develops an understanding of application requirements that improve lighting effectiveness.

Advancements in SSL technology have highlighted gaps in understanding at not only the material-device level, but also at the lighting science level. Research in these areas will enable the next level of performance advancements for SSL. Ongoing innovation and breakthroughs in materials, devices, advanced fabrication processes, and integration are needed to realize the full potential of the technology. In addition, at the lighting science level, the SSL technology platform raises new questions as to the effectiveness of the quality, delivery, and control of lighting.

R&D partners and projects are selected based on factors such as energy savings potential, likelihood of success, and alignment with R&D Opportunities.