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OLED products, while in their infancy compared to LED, have unique properties and appeal, and show potential as a new tool for creative and effective lighting. The OLED lighting industry today is grappling with a set of difficulties similar to those faced by LED lighting in its early years, but OLED manufacturers have the advantage of being able to see how the LED industry worked through those problems. To assist in the process, DOE conducted five studies to offer insight on the performance of today’s OLED lighting products and the technology improvements needed for commercial viability. 


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GATEWAY Demonstration: OLED Lighting in the Offices of DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, LLP
Evaluates a lighting system in an office suite that incorporates a number of different OLED luminaires. (July 2017)

image of a ceiling mounted oled

GATEWAY Demonstration: OLED Lighting in the Offices of Aurora Lighting Design, Inc.
Provides valuable feedback about the successes, challenges, and complications of an OLED lighting installation in an office setting. (March 2016)


Photo of a test configuration for OLED panels.

Round 2 Update of Stress Testing Results for Organic Light-Emitting Diode Panels and Luminaires
Provides updated information about previously benchmarked OLED products in accelerated stress tests, and an initial analysis of the performance of recently released OLED products. (December 2018)

Photo of the backside of two OLED luminaires

Stress Testing of Organic Light- Emitting Diode Panels and Luminaires
Provides stress test information on a previously benchmarked OLED product and new benchmarks on the performance of two OLED panels. (January 2018)

image of a caliper light on a wire rack.

CALiPER Analysis of OLED Products
Documents an initial investigation of OLED luminaires, including results of photometric testing of four commercial products in independent laboratories, teardown testing in PNNL laboratories, and stress testing of several OLED luminaires at RTI International – as well as  supplemental testing results of two additional OLED luminaires. (September 2016 – Supplemented August 2017)


ceiling mounted, hanging oled lighting.

OLED Lighting Products: Capabilities, Challenges, Potential
Focuses on the potential for architectural OLED lighting – describing currently available OLED products, as well as promised improvements, and addressing the technology and market hurdles that have thus far prevented wider use of OLEDs. (May 2016)