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TM-30-15, recently approved by the IES, synthesizes a variety of recent research to provide a single cohesive system for evaluating light source color rendition. During this September 22, 2015 webinar, presenters Michael Royer of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Aurelien David of Soraa, and Lorne Whitehead of the University of British Columbia focused on the underlying math and color science that make up the calculation engine, as well as the details of how the hierarchy of measures is calculated, in order to provide TM-30-15 users with a deeper understanding of the meaning, accuracy, and limitations of the measures. The webinar was divided into sections that covered the derivation and properties of the new set of 99 color evaluation samples, the CAM02-UCS and reference-illuminant methodology, and the TM-30-15 numerical and graphical outputs.

This webinar followed an earlier webinar, Understanding and Applying TM-30-15, that covered the basics of the new method, while also discussing the development process and ongoing steps toward widespread adoption.