Lead Performer: Fluency Lighting Technologies – Santa Barbara, CA
Partner(s): None
DOE Total Funding: $200,000
Project Term: June 29, 2020 – June 28, 2021
Funding Type: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Project


High-luminance light sources can reduce energy usage through precise delivery and utilization of light, but improvements in device materials are needed. Leveraging the researchers’ expertise in phosphor materials and glass encapsulation for the laser industry, this project will develop a robust phosphor encapsulant material and processing method to increase the efficiency and lifetime of LEDs while lowering manufacturing costs through wafer-scale packaging. The material will be able to withstand high temperatures and power density for high-luminance LEDs, and will extend the LEDs’ operating range.


By improving the thermal stability and conductivity of encapsulant materials, the LED operating range can be extended, and improved efficiencies can be realized. Additionally, manufacturing approaches for phosphor and encapsulant deposition can be improved to increase throughput through wafer-scale packaging of the down-converter and encapsulant directly on the LED die.


DOE Technology Manager: Brian Walker, brian.walker@ee.doe.gov
Lead Performer: Kristin McCurdy, Fluency Lighting Technologies