Lead Performer: SVV Technology Innovations (Lucent Optics) – Sacramento, CA
Partner(s): None
DOE Total Funding: $1,099,993
Project Term: August 22, 2022 – August 21, 2024
Funding Type: SBIR


This project will develop and demonstrate a new approach for making large-area, glare-free, flexible lighting panels using high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and inexpensive plastic sheets. Using an advanced additive manufacturing technique called microprinting, the transparent plastic sheets are economically converted into optical waveguides for efficient luminaires. The approach uses microprinting of light-scattering, UV-curable ink droplets onto a transparent substrate to form a large-area waveguide. The researchers were previously funded by DOE to realize flexible light sheets up to 2’ by 2’, resulting in a product, CoreGLO. The new project proposes to scale up the previous design to a 2’-by-4’ sheet and improve the CRI of the luminaire through the use of remote phosphors and/or high-CRI LEDs, while maintaining high efficiency.


The conceived large area, flexible and diffuse emitting luminaire would provide lighting designers with more-efficient, higher-brightness, and lower-cost options than OLED lighting currently offers.


DOE Technology Manager: Wyatt Merrill
Lead Performer: Sergey Vasylyev, SVV Technology Innovations

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