Download presentations from the 2021 DOE Lighting R&D Workshop, held February 1-4, 2021. Please note: not all speakers granted permission for online posting.

Presentations from organizations other than DOE do not necessarily represent the views of DOE or indicate endorsement by DOE.



Workshop Welcome
Brian Walker, Lighting R&D Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy
David Nemtzow, Building Technologies Office Director, U.S. Department of Energy
Brian Liebel, Director of Standards and Research, Illuminating Engineering Society

Keynote: Discovering the Mindset to Pursue the Impossible
Chuck Swoboda, Innovator, former Chief Executive Officer at Cree Lighting

Keynote: Evolving Design: A Provocation to Reframe Accepted Targets Within the Context of the NaturalEnvironment
Star Davis, Design Consultant

What Is Ideal Light?
Moderator: Morgan Pattison, SSLS Inc.
Jennifer Scheib, University of Colorado Boulder
Ron Gibbons, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Tero Mäkinen, LEDiL
Ian Ashdown, SunTracker Technologies

“Ask Me” Session: Connecting the Dots Between Light & Health Research and Practice
Moderator: Kelly Gordon, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Erin Flynn-Evans, NASA
Céline Vetter, University of Colorado Boulder
Andrew Phillips, Monash University
Jamie Zeitzer, Stanford University


Realizing the Potential of GUV: Perspectives from SSL Technology Development
Moderators/Speakers: Brian Walker, U.S. Department of Energy, and Alex Baker, Illuminating Engineering Society
Kyung Lee, Guidehouse
David Sliney, Independent Consultant
Cameron Miller, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Ruth Taylor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Value Metrics: Quantifying Lighting Benefits
Moderator: Brian Liebel, Illuminating Engineering Society
Michael Myer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Shadab Rahman, Harvard Medical School
Leora Radetsky, DesignLights Consortium
Rajaram Bhagavathula, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Advances in LED Materials and Devices
Moderator: Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors
Rob Armitage, Lumileds
Kirstin Alberi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Michael Kneissl, Technische Universität Berlin
Siddharth Rajan, The Ohio State University

Advances in OLED Materials
Moderator: Lisa Pattison, SSLS Inc.
Marina Kondakova, OLEDWorks
Mark Thompson, University of Southern California
Jun Yeob Lee, Sungkyunkwan University
Russell Holmes, University of Minnesota
Chris Giebink, Pennsylvania State University

Lighting Innovators
Moderator: Joel Chaddock, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Cheyenne Lynsky, University of California, Santa Barbara
Peter Kozodoy, Glint Photonics
Selina Monickam, Pixelligent
Jian Li, Arizona State University
Ruqayah Bhuiyan, University of Georgia
Yunping Huang, University of Washington
J. Mundinger, Pennsylvania State University


Lighting & Displays Cross-Cutting R&D
Moderator: Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors
Mike Hack, Universal Display Corporation
Rajiv Pathak, Lumileds
John Whiteman, Plessey Semiconductors
Jim Murphy, GE Research
Ray Ma, Nanosys

Glare and Diffuse Lighting
Moderator: Norman Bardsley, Bardsley Consulting
Nathaniel Jones, Arup
Dan Schwade, Acuity Brands
Sergey Vasylyev, Lucent Optics
Eric Haugaard, Cree Lighting

Incorporating New Tools to Advance Lighting Products and Practice in 2021
Moderator: Andrea Wilkerson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Steve Fotios, University of Sheffield
Siobhan Rockcastle, University of Oregon
Gary Trott, Acuity Brands
Steven Rosen, Available Light


Data’s Role in the Future of Building Design and Operation
Moderator: Michael Poplawski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Leland Curtis, SmithGroup
Star Davis, Design Consultant
Cindy Zhu, Prescriptive Data

The LED Lighting Supply Chain: Economics, Innovations, and Sustainability
Moderator: Morgan Pattison, SSLS Inc.
Valerie Nubbe, Guidehouse
Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors
John Trublowski, Eaton
Aaron Smith, Finelite

OLED Manufacturing Challenges
Moderator: Norman Bardsley, Bardsley Consulting
Jeff Spindler, OLEDWorks
Christian May, Fraunhofer
Steve Forrest, University of Michigan

Lighting the Future
Moderator: Morgan Pattison, SSLS Inc.
Naomi Miller, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Tom Phoenix, CPL Architects & Engineers
Brad Koerner, Cima
Brian Walker, U.S. Department of Energy