Download presentations from the 2020 DOE Lighting R&D Workshop, held January 28-30, 2020, in San Diego, California. Please note: not all speakers granted permission for online posting.

Presentations from organizations other than DOE do not necessarily represent the views of DOE or indicate endorsement by DOE.



Track Sessions

  • Advances in LED Devices and Materials
    Jeff Tsao, Sandia National Laboratories, Moderator
    Jim Speck, University of California, Santa Barbara
    John Epler, Lumileds
    Jonathan Owen, Columbia University
    Harald Koenig, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
  • Advances in OLED Devices and Materials
    Lisa Pattison, SSLS, Inc. , Moderator
    Jian Li, Arizona State University
    Chris Giebink, Penn State University
    Michele Ricks, EMD Performance Materials
    Jason Hartlove, Nanosys
  • Latest Understanding on Physiological Impacts of Lighting
    Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors, Moderator
    Luc Schlangen, Eindhoven University of Technology
    Timothy Brown, University of Manchester
    Jamie Zeitzer, Stanford University
  • Building Integration Challenges
    Michael Poplawski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Joel Timmins, Markon Solutions
  • Opportunities for Collaboration
    Alex Baker, Illuminating Engineering Society
    Roy Harvey, Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance
    Michele Ricks, OLED Coalition
    Joel Chaddock, National Energy Technology Laboratory


  • LEDs for Photons, Physiology, and Food
    Morgan Pattison, SSLS, Inc.
    Jeff Tsao, Sandia National Laboratories
    Bruce Bugbee, Utah State University
    George Brainard, Thomas Jefferson University
  • The Business of Lighting
    Mark Lien, Illuminating Engineering Society, Moderator
    Diane Borys, Noctiluca Lighting Design / H+W Engineering
    Megan Carroll, New York Digital
    Erik Ennen, NALMCO
    Bob Preston, Capital Electric/Sonepar

Track Sessions

Track Sessions

  • Directions in Optical Control
    Jeff Tsao, Sandia National Laboratories, Moderator
    Wendy Davis, University of Sydney
    Billy Tubb, Theatre Consultant
    Sergey Vasylyev, Lucent Optics
    Oleg Shchekin, Lumileds
  • Searching for Holy Grails
    Brian Liebel, Illuminating Engineering Society, Moderator
    • In Search of a New Illumination Measurement
      Brad Schlesselman, Musco Lighting
      Sam Berman, Berman Consultants
    • A Glaring Lack of Definition
      Bob Davis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    • Scavenger Hunt, or Create an SPD Database?
      Michael Herf, f.lux
  • Connected Lighting System Complexity: Finding Solutions
    Ruth Taylor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Moderator
    Dan Blitzer, Practical Lighting Workshop
    Teal Brogden, Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design
    Megan Carroll, New York Digital
    Anthony Mulcahy, E.S.B. Electric Corp.
    Chris Wolgamott, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Track Sessions


Track Sessions

Track Sessions


Non-Equilibrium Synthesis of Semiconductor Alloys for Energy Applications
Phil Ahrenkiel, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

AlInP-based LEDs for Efficient Red and Amber Emission
Kirstin Alberi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Tunneling-Enabled High-Efficiency High-Power Multi Junction LEDs
Andrew Armstrong, Sandia National Laboratories

Commercial Building Initiatives in the Lighting Space
Cedar Blazek, Department of Energy, Building Technologies

Commercialization of an Ultra-Thin, Bendable, High Efficacy OLED Light Engine
Michael Boroson, OLEDWorks, LLC

Solid-State Lighting Lifetime and Reliability
Lynn Davis, RTI International, Inc.

Spectral Database for New Lighting Applications
Lily Donaldson, American University

Lighting Market Trends
Clay Elliott, Guidehouse

Micro-LEDs and Superluminescent Diodes: Optical Properties and Carrier Dynamics
Dan Feezell, University of New Mexico

The Impact of Output Capacitor Aging under Constant and Cycled Temperature Conditions on LED Driver Lifetime
A.P. Sachintha G. De Vas Gunawardena, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Dim-to-Warm LED Lighting: Initial Benchmarks
Monica Hansen, LED Systems Reliability Consortium

Overview of GLASE Horticultural Lighting Research
Robert Karlicek, Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering (GLASE)

From Deposition to Encapsulation: Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Organic Light Emitting Devices for Lighting
Jongchan Kim, University of Michigan

Materials Data Science for Reliability Center
Paul W. Leu, University of Pittsburgh

Scalable Ultrahigh Conductive Transparent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films for High-Efficiency OLED Lighting
Huaping Li, Atom Inc

Hybrid Down-Converting Structures for Solid State Lighting
Hisham Menkara, PhosphorTech Corporation

A New Tool for Meta-Analysis of Lighting Data and Projections
Wyatt Merrill, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow

Analysis of Measurement Assurance Program Data— Second Round
Cameron Miller, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Improvements in Optical Metrology for Solid-State Lighting
Cameron Miller, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Outdoor Lighting—Emphasis on Data
Naomi Miller, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Improved Light Extraction for a 130 lm/W OLED Lighting Panel
Selina Monickam, Pixelligent Technologies LLC

Lighting Technology Energy Solutions (LiTES) Program Findings
Nathalie Osborn, LiTES

Environmentally Robust Quantum Dot Downconverters for Highly Efficiency Solid State Lighting
Jonathan Owen, Columbia University

Connected Lighting Systems Investigations
Michael Poplawski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Lighting for Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings
Michael Poplawski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

High Efficiency OLED Light Engine
Bill Reisenauer, LED Specialists Inc.

Unlocking Potential with Vision Science Research
Michael Royer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Getting Beyond Widgets: Integrated Systems for Commercial Buildings
Jordan Shackelford, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Enhanced Light Outcoupling from OLEDs Fabricated on Novel Low-Cost Patterned Plastic Substrates of Varying Periodicity
Ruth Shinar, Iowa State University

Part 1–Using Multiple Methods for Valuing Hard-to-Measure “Next Generation Features” of Energy Efficient LED Lighting
Lisa Skumatz, Skumatz Economic Research Associates

Printed Anodes and Internal Extraction Layers on Flexible Glass to Create Cost Effective High Efficacy Bendable OLED Lighting Panels
Jeff Spindler, OLEDWorks, LLC

Mask-Free OLED Fabrication Process for Non-Tunable and Tunable White OLED Panels
Jeff Spindler, OLEDWorks, LLC

Ultra-Thin Flexible LED Lighting Panels
Sergey Vasylyev, Lucent Optics, Inc.

Consumer Preference Informs the Next Generation of LED Lighting Solutions
Philip von Erberich, California Lighting Technology Center

Understanding Lighting Systems in Realistic Settings: Evolving Analysis of System Performance and Occupant Feedback
Andrea Wilkerson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

High Efficiency InGaN LEDs Emitting in Green, Amber, and Beyond
Hongping Zhao, Ohio State University