Project Title: Software for Automatic Utility Data Collection for Solar Proposals 


Funding Opportunity: SunShot Technology to Market (Incubator 10) 
SunShot Subprogram: Technology to Market
Location: Oakland, CA
Amount Awarded: $762,530
Awardee Cost Share: $1,146,290 
Project Investigator: Elena Lucas

UtilityAPI is automating the process of authorizing, collecting, and cleaning electricity data from utilities. Access to standardized data means a larger sales funnel, a frictionless customer journey, and easy data verification for financing for solar.


UtilityAPI is developing software as a service for new energy technologies. Each utility presents and shares data differently--we are standardizing the format of utility data across utilities. The goal of this project is to develop a universal application program interface that all utilities can use to integrate new energy technologies. 


Several other industries have universal data infrastructures, including the telecommunications industry. UtilityAPI is taking best practices from software and tech industries and applying it to solar and the evolving grid. UtilityAPI’s data conduit between stakeholders in the evolving grid will reduce customer acquisition, transaction, and indirect corporate soft costs.