Awardee Name: SenSanna Inc. 


Project Title: Low-cost Wireless Voltage and Current Monitoring of the Distribution Grid
Funding Opportunity: SunShot Technology to Market (Incubator 10)
SunShot Subprogram: Technology to Market
Location:  Arnold, MD
Amount Awarded: $500,000
Awardee Cost Share:  $141,526
Project Investigator: Dr. Jacqueline Hines

SenSanna Incorporated has adapted a low-cost, rugged, solid-state technology widely used to filter radio frequency signals in mobile phones to produce multi-sensor systems that operate wirelessly and without batteries to measure a wide range of parameters in harsh environments. The project will develop and demonstrate a functional prototype wireless voltage and current measurement system for monitoring the distribution grid. 


This project will develop a prototype sensor system for wireless measurement of temperature, voltage, current, and relative phase on distribution grid power lines and transformers. This will allow utilities to know more about when and why there are grid stresses and fluctuations, so that they can develop more precise operation models. 


The data collected can be used to better understand the safe limits of photovoltaic grid connection. In addition, this information can help inform regulators and local officials as they begin to plan for solar energy storage strategies and solutions.