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The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), with funding from the 2012 SunShot Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) R&D FOA, is designing an optimized solar thermal collector structure using a lightweight collector structure capable of lowering structural costs, simplifying installation, and leading to mass-manufacturability.


The JPL project seeks to achieve the SunShot Initiative installed cost target of $75/m2 for a solar thermal collector system, as well as SunShot performance targets for optical errors, operations during windy conditions, and lifetime.

The specific project objectives are to:

  • Design and develop a mirror module using an inexpensive reflective film bonded onto a lightweight structural rigid foam support
  • Design and develop a low-cost, non-traditional mirror-module support structure
  • Select low-cost drive components and associated control system
  • Design, integrate, and test a low-cost concentrator
  • Analyze the system's cost to demonstrate achieving the $75/m2 collector system target.

This graphic shows the JPL/L'Garde lightweight concentrator facets, which are deployed for different configurations.


The cost of current concentrators can reach between 40% and 50% of the total installed costs for a CSP plant. The reflector module represents a key cost driver, which JPL's foam-based facet seeks to reduce significantly.

Optimized for cost, performance, and lifetime, the innovative JPL solar concentrator features:

  • Durable thin-film mirrors (instead of mirrored glass) with high reflectivity for concentrating solar energy
  • A mirror support structure that is 40% less expensive and reduces the weight of the system by more than 50%
  • A mirror module that contains several facets and/or gores that facilitate simple transportation, installation, maintenance, and repair.

In addition, JPL's technology offers ease of manufacturability and can be modified easily for multiple types of CSP collectors.

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The SunShot CSP R&D program seeks to accelerate progress toward the cost target of $0.06 per kilowatt-hour through novel and revolutionary research into CSP technologies. Learn about other concentrating solar power research.