Project Title: Low Cap-Ex, High Speed Roll-to-Roll Perovskite Solar Module Development
Funding Opportunity: Technology to Market 3
Solar Subprogram: Technology to Market
Location: Norcross, GA
Amount Awarded: $2,000,000
Awardee Cost Share: $2,378,892

This project is working to develop commercially viable perovskite solar modules through material and process research and development of prototype modules on high-speed, roll-to-roll printing tools. Energy Materials Corporation will leverage the full cost reduction potential of roll-to-roll processes by using only low-temperature processes and producing prototype modules with conversion efficiencies on par with silicon technologies.


Energy Materials Corporation has partnered with Eastman Kodak Company and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to advance this project. Flexible, high efficiency, lab-scale perovskite prototypes will be translated to existing Kodak roll-to-roll printers, evaluating cell efficiency and stability from multiple perspectives. Perovskite-based devices will be subjected to standard testing throughout the project, with third-party analysis and field testing of prototype modules occurring at the project’s completion.


Scaling up commercial equipment will ultimately allow for the production of perovskite modules with a sustainable unsubsidized average selling price of $0.30/W and a potential 20% decrease in the levelized cost of energy. This module capacity expansion is possible with capital expenses that are 90% lower than silicon, permitting the dramatic acceleration of domestic solar manufacturing with the lowest cost products made in the United States.