-- This project is inactive --

SkyFuel, under the CSP R&D FOA, is developing a commercial linear-Fresnel-based advanced CSP system called Linear Power Tower (LPT). The company aims to make significant improvements in the cost and viability of utility-scale dispatchable solar power.


This project encompasses conceptual design, prototyping, evaluation, refinement, and commercial-scale deployment of an innovative CSP system. SkyFuel is developing a detailed conceptual design and analysis of the feasibility of the LPT concept relative to the CSP industry standard parabolic trough technology.

Skyfuel produces lightweight reflector panels at its manufacturing plant in Arvada, Colorado.


SkyFuel is proposing several modifications to the standard linear Fresnel design, including a membrane reflector design, variable focal length ribs, and a significantly larger receiver diameter. If successful, this project has the potential to make linear Fresnel a viable option for CSP plants.

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