Project Name: State Strategies to Bring Solar to Low- and Moderate-Income Communities
Funding Opportunity: Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies 2 – State Energy Strategies (SEEDS2-SES)
SunShot Subprogram: Soft Costs
Location: Montpelier, VT
SunShot Award Amount: $1,730,000
Awardee Cost Share: $471,000

This project focuses on empowering Connecticut, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia to develop and implement strategies for expanding the amount of solar available to low- and moderate-income (LMI) residents and communities. Each participating state is developing goals and a plan of action that matches its programmatic needs, demographic profile, solar potential, and financial resources.


The project team will conduct research and analysis to refine state strategies and stakeholder engagement. They will also develop written educational materials and webinars and provide individualized technical assistance for states. Each state’s strategy will include quantitative targets for the number of LMI households it expects to reach and projections of the cost of proposed programs.


This project will create 60 megawatts of LMI solar, either installed or under development by the end of the project period. In addition, the plans developed under this project will eventually result in a total of 480 megawatts of LMI solar in the five states and D.C. Best practices learned from this project will be shared throughout the industry to increase LMI adoption of solar energy.