Maintaining the viability of the U.S. petroleum refining industry requires continuous improvement in productivity and energy efficiency. The U.S. refining industry has worked with the U.S. Department of Energy to provide a range of resources that can provide energy and cost savings for the industry.

Analytical Studies & Other Publications

Documents for historical reference

Profile of the Petroleum Refining Industry in California (2004)

Energy Efficiency Roadmap for Petroleum Refineries in California (2004)

Energy Use, Loss and Opportunities Analysis: U.S. Manufacturing & Mining (2004)

Impacts of Condition Assessment on Energy Use: Selected Applications in Chemicals Processing and Petroleum Refining (2004)

Technology Roadmap for the Petroleum Industry, Draft 2000

Technology Vision 2020: A Technology Vision for the U.S. Petroleum Industry

Petroleum Refining

The United States is the largest, most sophisticated producer of refined petroleum products in the world.

Challenges for the refining industry include lower-quality crude oil, crude oil price volatility, and environmental regulations that require cleaner manufacturing processes and higher-performance products.