What are Invention Utilization Reports?

Utilization Reports help the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) assess the impact of its research funding.  Utilization reports are required for all elected subject inventions developed in the performance of a DOE award.

How long are Invention Utilization Reports required?

Unless otherwise instructed by DOE, utilization reports are due annually for at least 10 years from the date the subject invention was first disclosed to DOE in iEdison.

Why did I get a message requesting a Utilization Report in iEdison?

Every year, iEdison will generate a message for each elected subject invention reported in iEdison to remind the awardee to submit a Utilization Report. iEdison users will be emailed notification of messages pending in iEdison.

Can the messages be ignored?

No. DOE awards require certain obligation of the awardee with respect to inventions. Failure to timely adhere to these requirements, such as utilization reports, could adversely impact rights in subject inventions, including forfeiture of rights.

Are Utilization Reports required after the performance period of the award?

Yes, the Utilization Report requirement is tied to the date of the invention report, not the performance period.

What about inventions waived to the government or abandoned patent applications?

Utilization Reports are not required for inventions waived to the government. iEdison will not generate messages for Invention Report having a status of “Waive to the Government.”

How do I learn more?

Both 2 CFR 910.364 and the Intellectual Property Provisions of the applicable award (see FedConnect) describe the Utilization Report requirements.

Who do I contact for help responding to these Utilization questions?


  • For EERE recipients, contact GOIPCloseouts@ee.doe.gov.
  • For ARPA-E recipients, contact ARPA-E-T2M@hq.doe.gov
  • For NNSA recipients, contact Jim.Durkis@nnsa.doe.gov
  • For all other recipients, contact Chicago-IP@science.doe.gov

Who do I contact for help with iEdison?

If you need account help with the iEdison system, contact edison@od.nih.gov or 1-866-504-9552 (option 3). For assistance with reporting through iEdison, please contact Maritza Rodriguez at (630) 252-2165.