Browse through historical archives of U.S. engagement with the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE).

IPHE Overview Documents

Overview of IPHE (October 2003)

Framework of the IPHE (August 2003)

Terms of Reference of the IPHE (October 2003)

Non-Paper on Activities and Operations of the IPHE Committees (October 2003)

Commercialization and Development

The IPHE 2010 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Global Commercialization Development Update report outlines the role hydrogen and fuel cells can play in a portfolio of technology options available to address the energy-related challenges faced by nations around the world. It offers examples of real-world hydrogen and fuel cell applications and the progress of the technologies, including government policies that increase technology development and commercialization. (November 2010)

Joint Statements

In addition to preparing for the IPHE, the United States is working bilaterally with countries to develop cooperative plans for research and development of technologies to advance the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. To this end, the United States has signed several Joint Statements.

U.S.-Brazil Memorandum of Understanding (June 2003)

U.S.-Italy Joint Statement (August 2003)

U.S.-Japan Joint Statement (August 2003)

U.S.-European Union Joint Statement (August 2003)