The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office periodically releases requests for information (RFIs) to solicit feedback from stakeholders on a variety of hydrogen and fuel cell-related topics. View past RFIs issued by the office. Open RFIs are listed on our funding opportunities page.

Past RFIs


DE-FOA-0002698: Bipartisan Infrastructure Law—RFI on Clean Hydrogen Manufacturing, Recycling, and Electrolysis

DE-FOA-0002664: Bipartisan Infrastructure Law—2022 Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Implementation Strategy RFI

Watch the February 2022 H2IQ Hour webinar to learn more about these RFIs and DOE's clean hydrogen programs.


DE-FOA-0002529: Hydrogen Demonstrations in Support of DOE's Hydrogen Energy Earthshot


DE-FOA-0002372: Request for Information—Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Research and Development Activities and SuperTruck Initiative

DE-FOA-0002379: DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office Request for Information


DE-FOA-0001965: H2@ Scale: Determining Opportunities to Facilitate Wide-Scale Hydrogen Adoption for Energy Security and Economic Growth

DE-FOA-0001948: Identifying Priorities for Reducing Barriers to Deployment of Hydrogen Infrastructure

DE-FOA-0001899: Critical Water Issues Prize Competition RFI


DE-FOA-0001700: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Manufacturing: Identifying Specific Components for Manufacturing Standardization


DE-FOA-0001655: H2@Scale (Hydrogen at Scale): Determining Research, Development, and Demonstration (RD&D) Necessary for Clean Hydrogen Production to Enable Multisectoral Deep Decarbonization

DE-FOA-0001626: Hydrogen Infrastructure Research, Development, and Demonstration: Identifying Project Priorities to Address Deployment Barriers

DE-FOA-0001555: Hydrogen Technology Showcase and Training (HyTeST) Facility

DE-FOA-0001600: Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Electric Truck Targets

DE-FOA-0001596: Cost Reduction and Performance Improvements of Overwrapped Pressure Vessel Systems for Compressed Hydrogen for Onboard Vehicle Applications

DE-FOA-0001510: Research, Development and Business Strategies Needs for Hydrogen and Automotive Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells


DE-FOA-0001420: Advanced Thermal Insulation and Composite Material Compatibility for Cold/Cryogenic Compressed Gas Fuel Storage for Onboard Vehicles Applications

DE-FOA-0001331: Gas Clean-Up for Fuel Cell Applications Workshop Report


DE-FOA-0001187: Hydrogen Transmission and Distribution Workshop Report: Public Comment

DE-FOA-0001188: Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Workshop Report: Public Comment

DE-FOA-0001158: Specific Clean Energy Manufacturing Focus Areas Suitable for a Manufacturing Innovation Institute

DE-FOA-0001145: Fuel Cells for Continuous On-Board Recharging Application for Battery Electric Light-Duty Vehicles

DE-FOA-0001133: Research and Development Needs and Technical Barriers for Fuel Cells

DE-FOA-0001116: Hydrogen Contamination Detectors

DE-FOA-0001065: Biological Hydrogen Production Workshop Report: Public Comment


DE-FOA-0001055: Light Duty Vehicle Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Financing Strategies

DE-FOA-0000926: Rotating Disk Electrode Diagnostics for PEMFC Electrocatalyst Screening

DE-FOA-0000920: Hydrogen Delivery Technologies

DE-FOA-0000907: Home Hydrogen Refueling Systems and Potential H-Prize Topics

DE-FOA-0000873: Demonstration and Deployment Strategies

DE-FOA-0000855: Automotive Fuel Cell Cost and Durability Target


DE-FOA-0000753: High-Accuracy Meters for Hydrogen Fueling Equipment

DE-FOA-0000738: Material Handling and Backup Power Targets for Early Market Fuel Cell Applications

DE-FOA-0000735: Hydrogen Storage Targets for Early Market Applications

RFI-12-16-PKM: Availability and Cost of Fuel Cell Systems (released by the Air Force)

DE-FOA-0000655: Fuel Cell Technologies Early Market Opportunities


DE-FOA-0000592: Total Costs of Ownership of Future Light-Duty Vehicles

DE-FOA-0000542: Fuel Cell Transit Bus Targets

DE-FOA-0000524: Fuel Cell Technologies Program Technology Validation Activities